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The island

Zopango private Island is open to guests only.

Zopango is proud to be a   member, category GOLD, and also member of The International Ecotourism Society.

Unlike other islets of the Asese Bay, tourists cruising around in private boats or touring the archipelago are not allowed to stop on Zopango.

We work with anticipated bookings, so as to offer a very calm, exclusive & unforgetable experience to our clients and guests!

Day Trips and Overnight stays are offered. Private events can also be held at the island.

Please refer to Zopango Island’s menu.

Isla Zopango

Arrival at Zopango private Island

Barefoot in the softness of the grass, gaze at Mombacho Volcano & Lake Cocibolca from your deckchair.

Barefoot in the softness of the grass, gaze at Mombacho Volcano & Lake Cocibolca from your beach chair.

Zopango's beach!

Swim at the LARGEST BEACH area of all the Islets of the Bay!!

Zopango Island vegetation!

Exuberant vegetation… Naturally!

What guests like the most at Zopango is:

Its 7000 sq.meters of luxuriousness!!

We wanted to keep Zopango the way it was when we bought it in 2008, with its beautiful old trees and native plants & fruit trees.

That is why at Zopango our guests enjoy easy wildlife watching.

Also, Zopango Island has a traditional architecture, well hidden behind trees, so as it is a total surprise until you enter the island.

On Zopango. En nuestra isla Zopango

Enjoy Zopango’s luxuriousness!

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Walk around Zopango.


Zopango’s main rancho.

Luxiurous, isn't it?

Luxurious, isn’t it?


Zopango Island

Kayak & Swim in one of the largest lakes of South America!

Zopango’s infinity pool… Super cool isn’it?! Swim in the always calm and warm waters of the Asese Bay…

Zopango is the only site in Nicaragua where you can use eco-friendly silent Electric-powered Boats!

We use them at a very reduced speed for tours of the surroundings, for bird watching trips or to go traditionnal fishing.


Traditionnal islander Fishing, from Zopango Island

Zopango Island is 100% off the grid as it is energy independent thanks to its solar panel installation, and also water independent thanks to its professional water flitration and purification system!

Zopango Island offers beautiful Day Trips for couples, small groups of friends and families, and also counts with Casa Zopango for longer stays…

Please refer to sub-menus of this website ‘Casa Zopango’ and ‘Day Trips’.


Mango room at Casa Zopango.


Ceiba room at Casa Zopango.

Suite at Casa Zopango (2) - res

The Suite, at Casa Zopango.

Terrace of the Suite (3) - res

Hammock for two… Naturally. (Terrace of the Suite of Casa Zopango)

Meet Cashew at Zopango Island! Conozca a Cashew!

Wildlife watching at Zopango Island is so easy…

flora ()

At Zopango Island, we LOVE mangoes!


Pineapple too, at Zopango Island!

flora (1)

At Zopango Island, we LOVE bananas!

flora (2)

Frangipani flowers

flora (7)

Delicate orchids scents…


Delicate orchids…

flora (13)

Wild chestnut tree flower

Zopango Island. ”Where else?”

Come visit us soon!