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Private island Zopango is located in the Asese Bay, the most interesting, preserved and authentic side of Granada’s Archipelago,

also known as ‘las Isletas’.

350 lush islets makes this archipelago unique in Central America!

It is located in the huge Lake Cocibolca, also called the Sweet Sea… (More than 8000 km sq.!)

new MAP for NAD y ZOP

Plan situation Zopango

Volcano Mombacho overlooking Lake Cocibolca and the Asese Bay.

Shore of Lake Cocibolca and the Asese Bay. Mombacho Volcano in the background.

P1070778 - res

Lake shores. The Asese Bay has very lush vegetation, wild monkeys and lots of birds to observe!


Rowing boats used daily by the islanders of the Asese Bay

Traditionnal islander fishing

Traditionnal islander fishing in the Bay. Picture by Fred Crema, Maritaca Expeditions.

In the Asese Bay, with us. Pics by Fred Crema photographer.

Black-crowned Night Heron. Picture by Fred Crema photographer.

Birdwatching at and from Zopango Island (2) -res

Osprey. By Flavia Bersani.