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Why choose us?

Awarded for Tourism Excellence, NicarAgua Dulce is a high-end ecotourism company.

Tourism Excellence Awarded! Premio GUEGUENSE 2010

It operates daily, with high-standards equipments, in the Asese Bay, the best side of what is known as ‘Las Isletas’, Granada, Lake Nicaragua.

This local Tour Operator is Granada’s Specialist!

It offers beautiful off-the-beaten paths Day trips & Overnight stays at Zopango private Island, the only islet being 100% Eco-friendly and also the only islet accepting your kids under 12 years old!!

It owns an ecological fleet of Electric-powered silent boats (the only ones in existence in Nicaragua!!) & also Sit-on-top Kayaks.

It specializes on Birdwatching trips but also offers options for families, friends, couples, students groups & team building events.

NicarAgua Dulce is licensed by INTUR (National Tourism Bureau) and member of Canatur and Antur associations (Respectively National Chamber of Tourism, &

NicarAgua Dulce is proud to be member of T.I.E.S. (The International Ecotourism Society)




Why choose us? Our ADVANTAGES!

Interested in Birdwatching? Wildlife and Nature? Sustainability?  Community-based Tourism? Slow-Tourism?


** Interested in Bird watching & Sustainability?

The boats we use for Bird watching Trips are powered by silent electric motors (no motor noise! no gas smell! no oil or gas dispersion!)

– they are made with rotomoulded polyethylene without paint on it (= no leak in the waters of the lake)

– they have sealed batteries

These boats, made in France, are the ONLY ONES in existence in Nicaragua!!

– We chose the Asese Bay as it is not frequented by speedy tourism boats

like it is in the other side of the Archipelago (also called ‘the open lake’ side). Thanks to that, you’ll enjoy stunning birdwatching moments!

Our quiet & eco-friendly electric boat. Nuestro bote eléctrico silencioso y no contaminante. Notre bateau électrique silencieux!

** Interested in Kayaking?

Our Kayak fleet. Our differences:

– All our Kayak fleet is Sit-on-top! Which means the best stability and therefore security!

– We have the LARGEST kayak fleet of all Nicaragua, for up to 28 clients at a time!

– ‘U.S Marine approved’ Lifevests, adult-sized and also kid-sized!

– We chose the Asese Bay for its always calm and safe waters, all year long, and because it is not frequented by speedy tourism boats

like it is in the other side of the Archipelago (also called ‘the open lake’ side).

– Free Waterproof bags for your cameras and little personal belongings.

1396722_10151633833197821_1088193492_o - copia

** Interested in Slow-Tourism?

Our Traditional ‘lancha’ boat. Its differences with the other traditional boats of Granada:

– Cruises at a slow speed so as you can totally enjoy your Isletas experience and have better chances to see wild monkeys, birds and other wildlife!

– Seats are face to face (and no back to back) for more conviviality!

– Flexible departures times

P1450969 - res

** Interested in enjoying a Private and Sustainable Island?

Zopango private Island: “Experience a Sustainable Paradise”

Its differences with the other islets of the Archipelago:

More than 7000 sq. meters of lush vegetation untouched and the LARGEST sandy BEACH area of the archipelago ‘Isletas de Granada’!

– The only islet being 100% Eco-friendly. Zopango Island is 100% off the grid thanks to its solar panels installation (no ugly electric lines! no power plant noise!) and its drinkable water obtained by a professional 3 steps filtration and purification system.

– The only islet accepting your kids under 12 years old!!

– Guest-only island, as it receives guests that have booked their trip or stay with anticipation. Tourists cruising around in the Bay do not have access to Zopango Island.

Family owned and run. The Bersani’s, a french family established in Nicaragua since 2008, will receive you personally at the island, in English, Spanish and French!

Many intimate areas & hideaways thanks to the fact that Zopango has just a few and small buildings and that the lush vegetation of origin has been untouched. It is therefore why at Zopango, it is also very easy to observe wildlife and exotic birds!

Freshly caught fish on the barbecue, fished the night before by native islanders of the Asese bay community and cooked by their wives at Zopango island kitchen.

Guests can actually assist the ladies in the kitchen and participate in or just watch the process of cooking the meal.

You’ll also enjoy lots of season fruits and fresh home-made fruit juices.


** Interested in Community-based Tourism?

Our differences with other tour companies:

– All our staff is from the Asese Bay community. They are guides, sales executives, waiters, cooks and Zopango Island technical manager.

Our guides know perfectly the Bay as they were born there, and so they will show you the best spots to see birds, beautiful trees or interesting panoramas.

– We participate actively and regularly to the islander community:

* ‘Escuelita Zopango’: every Tuesday afternoon we offer reading, writing & mathematics classes for the kids & adults of our islander community, with retired volunteers teachers from the Nicaraguayan Education Department.

Guests are welcome to stop-by with us on the way to Zopango Island, Tuesdays only, during school periods.


* Occasional Ophthalmologist visits organized in association with the local Lions Club

* ‘Escuela de kayak Zopango’: kids and teenagers from the islander community participate several times per year in local rowing boats & kayak competitions organized by FENIREMO (National Rowing Federation) & NicarAgua Dulce.

* Material participation in beginning-of-year necessities for college kids (college clothes, backpacks, notebooks and pencils)

* On-going creation of a library, based on guest donations, to be used at our island by our islander staff, kids and family.

Books most needed, in Spanish: geography, biology, nature conservation, trees, and wildlife thematics. Dictionaries & story books or novels are also welcome, for all ages.

Notebooks, pencils and little school accessories will also be appreciated by them all.

IMG_0115 - res

Zopango’s kayak team!

IMG_0119 - res

Zopango’s Kayak school

IMG_0187 res

2015 Kayak competition in the Bay