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The Asese Bay

Where do we offer you the tours?

With us you’ll discover only the most authentic and peaceful side of Granada’s Archipelago, also known as ‘las Isletas’: the Asese Bay! 

No waves, just a little breeze, warm & safe waters…, very few constructions, rich variety of local and migrating birds… make this side of the Islets a “must see” for birds lovers!

The Isletas are the remnants of an eruption of Volcano Mombacho (20 000 years ago) which is now covered by a dense tropical cloud forest and is located only 20 minutes away from the colonial city of Granada, one of the oldest and most interesting cities in Nicaragua.

Plan situation Zopango

General overview

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Asese Bay shores

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Picture by Fred Crema – Maritaca Expeditions. Taken 07/07/2014 at Zopango Island. Traditional fishing in the Asese Bay.

Picture by Fred Crema – Maritaca Expeditions. Taken at Zopango Island, Asese Bay 07/07/2014. Black crowned nigth heron – Nycticorax nycticorax.

Inhabited islets & still waters…